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Clever got you this far...

...and tricky gets you in.

Corrosion of stupidity
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"Well at least I'm not ugly!"

"Yes you are, and you're boring and totally ordinary and you know it."

...and from thence originated what we here at caustictongues call the Ricky Fitts Verbal Bitchslap™. This community is intended for those of us who are capable of taking someone out at the knees using naught but linguistic license and masterful manipulation. Tell us what pisses you off, and why. Bonus points if you can do it without profanity, but don't expect this community to be anything less than rated 'R'.

Intelligence is expected by your fellow community members. Your words are yours, but by publicizing them here, you implicitly agree to accept any commentary from all commentators. Likewise, all interpersonal drama should be relegated to your personal journal. Please "lj-cut" (FAQ #75) anything excessive, such as a photograph. Do not identify the target of your rants by his/her username. Do not spam. Do not post anything that could be construed as "not safe for work".

This community was founded by drunkenatheist. Your friendly neighborhood moderators are ryno_v_6point7 and wsbsdrewnelson.

P.S. If you're expecting any politically correct views to be expressed here... might be a good idea to run for the hills. Kthx