Drew42 (wsbsdrewnelson) wrote in caustictongues,

I have issues with any politician who would use the term "lickety-quick" so liberally...

Mayor of New Orleans cusses up a storm in interview with WWL-AM

"I need this, I need that, I want martial law declared in the city that ELECTED ME! I need the same power the president had after the worst terrorist attack in America's history..."

Wow. Ray Nagin is the worst politician I have ever encountered. Sure he's angry, but how uninspired will the people of New Orleans feel after the initial "I'm mad as hell!" empathy wears off? Him flying off the handle like this shows how NOT in control he is, not to mention his ridicule of those who ARE in control of their faculties. When he could be providing his constituents with a ray of hope that the local authorities are doing the best they possibly can given their limited resources, he's showing how absolutely horrible they're doing at handling the situation. When your leader concedes, what's left to do?

Reminds me of what jesus_h_biscuit had to say about the situation... quit your bitching and DO SOMETHING!
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