Your Mother. (futtbuker) wrote in caustictongues,
Your Mother.

Quizz this

I have yet to click my friends page once and not be bombarded by 14.2 million quizzes..what the fuck is up with you people and all these quizzes ... are you so mentally challenged and suffering from such low self esteem that you want to know what kind of a vegetable or kitchen utensil you are ..

You from the basement
- Mom, you'd be happy to know that I am a strawberry.

Mom- That's great dear, although I've always thought of you as an adopted vegetable.

I have tried these quizzes once or twice and no matter what answer I put in , it always gives me the same fuckin result ...I have yet to come across a quizz that has less than 463536 questions... how fuckin demented and bored do you have to be to spend 5 hours answering useless questions just to know what kind of a kisser you are .. I can find that out on a (*start divine music) real, live chick (yes, they do exist) in 2.34 minutes flat...

ofcourse no one really chooses the answers according to their personailty either ...for eg :

How would you describe yourself
A)- A thirteen year old fat whore who gives cam shows to 30 year olds
B)- a FuCKiNg idIOt wHo TyPeS Like This
C)- An ex-marine who tells zit faced 12 year olds that they're beauty queens just to get them to come halfway across the country and give them a blowjob (which shows how special they are)
D)- A fruitcake who doesn't know the difference between ""your"" and ""you're""
E)- The single most sexy, intelligent and charming person in the world, with a phd, a professional pianist and winner of three nobel prizes.

Ofcourse we all know what option you choose , everyone does it so don't fuckin deny it

I peronally think that Quizilla is funded by someone so evil, heartless and intent on destroying today's youth that he can only be a jew or a fat virgin guy who was made fun of as a kid.. or maybe he is a fat jew .. I think Ronald McDOnald fits this profile ... I like how we can blame McDOnalds for everything fucked up in life ... oh yeah, don't even get me started on surveys..

What should you do right now to make this world a better place
(Brought to you by futtbuker)

A)- Consume enormous amounts of cyanide.
B)- Aim a gun to your head and pull the trigger.
C)- Go out on a killing spree, killing no less than 20 people then commiting suicide.
D)- Jump from the tallest building in your neighbourhood
E)- Slit your wrists in the bathtub (for visual aid look at my userinfo
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