mad_mortigan (mad_mortigan) wrote in caustictongues,

So I was thinking...

I like the fact that I am an American. I like the fact that I have certain freedoms at my disposal. I really like the fact that I can hurl insults and rants like a monkey reaching in his diaper, scooping up his shit, and tossing it at innocent passersby.

We've reached a point, fellow Americans, where this place is a fuckall suck machine of corporation, blood, and money. We managed to find some way of fucking ourselves into a corner and not knowing if it's a tampon or a strap-on weasel that is in invading our souls by entering the sphincter. Why is this?

Blindness and lack of rallying support.

We see what the fuck is going on, yet we don't band together to say that we won't take it anymore. I figure it's because most of us are happy with the way things are as long as we are lolled in to a slap-happy nap of sensual commercials designed to warp us in to the sheep we want to be. The rest of us probably just don't know how to band together; most likely because we all want to be the leader until things go wrong. Too many groups who have tried to come together end up falling apart because there are too many chiefs and not enough indians. Of course, when the trouble comes knocking at the door, the chiefs tend to run like grotesque cockroaches caught in the kitchen light and all that gas about standing up and being accountable just went out the door. It's disgusting, really, when you think about it.

I think that we really want to be led around by the nose ring. The America we once knew is now dictated by Corporate America and politicians who are only interested in lining their pockets...but then, if you were in their position, you would most likely do the same thing. We do need leadership, really; but we don't need to place complete faith in that leadership. We need to think for ourselves and make our own decisions and not let some suit sitting in a seat of judgement tell us that the only way we can survive is by warring on Third World countries who have, surprisingly, showed they can kick ass when the time comes.

This ideal of America being soft is bullshit! What America is, to me, is disillusioned by our self-imposed grandeur. America has taken on this role as Daddy to the World and steps in places it doesn't belong. We are now the bully on the block and we've come for the lunch money of any country that doesn't cower and join us in our quest to rule this little blue marble. The sad thing is that we were lied to by the highest office in our country and we re-elected the man who started that lie just so we wouldn't look soft. The public owns this land of opportunity but we impune ourselves to a thief just so we can have it peaceful...or, so we act.

And on that thievery, where was the impeachment process for the stealing of the first election? A man gets a blowjob in the highest office and gets shit for it, but a man steals an election and he doesn't even see a judicial proceeding over it. It was proven, it was challenged, yet it was never allowed to be heard because the people who did the challenging had color and the elected officials in the House and Senate wouldn't dare go against the Shrub for fear that he wouldn't let them have anything they wanted...or was it like that really? Figure it, those fuckers are after the same thing any other politician is after, even if they are split into parties. So, what's to say that there wasn't a conspiracy over that? Just a thought.

Anyway, what is America? It's a ticking timebomb in need of another revolution or civil war to get the Pollies on Capitol Hill to hear the one voice the founding forefathers dreamt of.

Or, maybe it just needs to find the reset button...
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