Your Mother. (futtbuker) wrote in caustictongues,
Your Mother.

Quote this.

So you people are sheep. So what? I know you are, and you know you are. But do you need to flaunt it? So why the fuck do you lace your conversations with quotes? You put them in your profiles and away messages. I knew this one guy who would only speak about things he heard through one of his acquaintances (usually me) say first. He couldn't think for himself in the least, so it's no surprise he was a goth.

But my point is why do people all use the same damn quotes. Especially Dave Matthews. Listening to Dave is a phase most homosexual people go through, just like shitting your pants or peeing in your bed when you are little. Everyone does it at one point, so talk about it and move on. What exactly is achieved by these quotes? You establish the fact you can't think for yourself and use quotes to further explain yourself that you like to have fun or hate life or some other generalization.

I can imagine many of you idiots pondering over "Hi, we are all humans who eat and breathe" - Ben Affleck ... wow , I bet the girls think he's the smartest guy on the planet .. plus he's the Daredevil so there you go ..

Then there are the psuedo intellectuals who love to quote famous thinkers, because then they can bask in the reflected intelligence. "hey look ma, I can read what the funny man writed". It proves you can barely read and repeat sentences .. even monkeys can do that. It dosen't make you intelligent, and frankly I've never been enlightened by someone else's quotes. The only good quotes are funny ones, because humor can be quoted for the effect of amusement of the reader.

So here are some quotes that I made up so you can put it in your profile along with the results of 'what flavor of a jam are you'.

"OmG! iT TakeZ mI 23 DaeZ 2 TyeP a SenTaNcE Liek thez BuTT iT maEKz mE KeWl!@@!"- every britneyspears wannabe idiot

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!! AAAARGFGGH!!@!@@#!" - you before I dismember you with a blunt axe

"You have the right to remain silent, antyhing you say..." - The cop that will bust your teenage ass for doing coke with your emo boyfriend

"I'm hungry, give me a quarter." - You in 5 years

"I can't have sex with you, I'm dating a nice guy" - Never Said - Sorry, hasn't happened yet.

"futtbuker is the coolest guy on the planet"" -well it's more of a fact than a quote
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hahaha... that was amazing.
i use song qoutes. but usualy only because i like the song.
Actually, the bit about "I can't have sex with you, I'm dating a nice guy..." That bit I just said not two nights ago.

And I meant it, all temptation aside. It's not like it was even a nasty guy with the proposition.
god i love this post. adding it to favorites..